Jubilant January

Posted on Jan 10, 2006. 0 comments

January ushers in the return of two fantastic shows, Battlestar Galactica and 24. And March heralds the return of the Sopranos. These shows are so good I don't knit through them. They are too riveting for even stockinette. Ok I take that back, when 24 has me anxious I do knit, and fast. I've been clocked at 60 miles per hour during the most tense moments.
I forgot to thank Lyssa for her sewing advice. Thanks to her I have discovered the wonder that is the denim needle. I am pretty sure I could sew through just about any material with that thing. It makes me feel empowered.
And me off coffee and empowered at the same time is probably a bad thing. Is it wrong that I am receiving emails (from my friends) telling Mike he is in mortal peril due to my lack of caffeination*? I think I'm just lovely off the juice. All sleepy eyed and starry eyed and bitchy a delight to the senses.
*Today’s Coefficient of Caffeination Index is Purple
Coefficient of Caffination Index:
Pink = Zero Caffeine
Purple = 2 fluid ounces
Blue = 8 fluid ounces
Green = 20 fluid ounces
Yellow = 40 fluid ounces
Orange = 100 fluid ounces
Red = 10,000 fluid ounces
The Coefficient of Caffeination index is roughly proportional to mood and productivity of subject. Rabid bitchiness becomes apparent when subject approaches the limit of either color boundary region. Venn diagrams of color warning code should be generated and published to warm public of caffeine threats.
Productivity Output
Parking Ticket, Check
Challenge of Parking Ticket, Check
Knitting, Check
Grad Student Data, Half Check
Grad Student Responsibilities, Half Check
Caffeine, Approaching dangerously low levels

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