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The Husband has been notified that if he leaves me for Angelina Jolie and has babies with her it will be justifiable homicide.
In return He has notified me that my crazy idea of cloth diapering for our fictional future children is ridiculous even though I was cloth diapered because (and I quote) You also had Mandatory Church Music and Flaxseed Milkshakes.
But so true.
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It's ok I'll drown my sorrows in new yarn. I've finished the sleeves and back of the Fall VK Hoody and cast on for the front. I should be knitting gifts next as I have quite a knit gift list including 4 pairs of socks, 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of baby booties, a baby blanket and various other baby items for friends and family. You'd think this daunting list would cause me to cast on for one of the gifts, no? Instead I am yarn shopping for yarn for yet another shrug. I am not a shrug person per se so I have no logical reason for making them. What? I am not in denial about my Shrug Love. I found the next Shrug in a Craftster thread. I think this means I'll be visiting Craftster more often. At least while I'm procrastinating on all the things I should be doing.
Coffee Coefficient today is Purple.

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