Triumph and Defeat

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First, Triumph
(We won't speak of the set in sleeves and how I can barely type because the shoulders are so restrictive). Overall I am very pleased with the sweater. Some people don't care for the style of written patterns in Vogue Knitting but I don't mind so much. My first introduction to the minimalist style was the Rebecca Eyelet Cardi from Rebecca Number 29. I really struggled with the patterning and figuring out when and where to do the decreases the first time, but since I've had plenty of practice with the vintage Bernat patterns, the VK Patterns, and understanding sweater designs better thanks to the Elizabeth Zimmermann school of sweater knitting.
Now onto Defeat.
Figure 1 The Adrienne Vittadini Twist Front Top moments from being ripped back with in 6.5 inches an inch of its life.
If I were professional and courteous I'd say this sweater takes meticulous documentation and care at the decreases. If I were being honest I'd tell you it entails dropping the F bomb, both aloud and a flurry of emails to the wonderfully understanding Roberta, stomping around the house, flinging yarn, pattern, and needles askew, and finally resolute determination to finish the sweater do or cry.
Figure 2 Post ripping and reknitting
The pattern is less than clear in a few places. For instance after finishing the front first 6.5 inches you must decrease on the edges on the right side rows, and most importantly continue the already established decreasing on the wrong side rows before the stitch markers. Also be sure to count your stitches in the decrease section because the yarn overs will wreck the stitch count if you don't pay strict attention to what you are doing. Conversely be sure to watch your K2 Togs to make sure you don't decrease too much either. Use stitch markers, scrap paper, and the vice of your choice.
I am amazed at Geiger's ability to sleep through the Knit-Induced Yelling, and especially the prolonged shouting after the first 10 minutes of 24. I won't ruin it for anyone who missed the show. But Man. Whoa.
On a side note I think Keifer should be personally credited for the revival of Aviator Sunglasses.

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