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I'm going to distract you all away from the bad bad Twist Front Top (Hello, it's almost longer than the back and I'm still working on the stupid "twist" and haven't begun armhole shaping) with the following image
If you want top know what 35 pounds of weight loss looks like, scroll down to yesterdays entry. I have officially lost 35 pounds since last January using the following formula: 1/3 Exercise, 1/3 Diet, and 1/3 Gallbladder Disease.
Speaking of the dreaded "Exercise" I'll be starting training for the Revlon Run Walk 5K this week. I can jog for about a mile and a half a time which will be increased to just over 3 miles between now and May. Be on the look out for Fund Raising Patter within the next few months.
For those that are curious my 'diet' (really more of a lifestyle change) is made up predominantly of soy, fruits, veggies, and chicken. Rarely I will have bread, potatoes, 93% fat free ground beef, and goat cheese. I started eating this way because I feel better when I avoid the things that make me feel like crap. Simple, no? I also drink Green Tea, and have added about half a cup of coffee to my diet. So far, so good.
I should mention the Gallbladder disease portion as well. I am feeling more like myself since my Nov 1 Surgery. I still have some residual tiredness but overall my health is much better. I would suggest to anyone suffering as I was with the Disease to put on your big girl pants and have the surgery. The scarring is minimal, the healing time is short, and the benefits are many.

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