A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, And Good Friends Are Priceless

Posted on Jan 18, 2006. 0 comments

Lyssa wisely said You are more than the sum of your knitting. And thank goodness for that, Lyssa. Because that would mean I'm a bunch of empty space due to USER ERROR improper interpretation of fuzzy instructions.
The previous image shows my latest humiliation a 15 inch long pre twist Twist Front Top. You should note I am far far away from the final decreases that lead up to the twist, and the schematic indicates all decreases and twist should occur at 15 inches.
1. It had to be ripped back for the third time.
2. I need an intensive reading course, Reading, it's not just for Street Signs Anymore (Not that I read those either!)
3. I need a support group for Knitter's who think they're smart and then they rip back the same item three times.
I have to say I appreciate my friends. I wouldn't have questioned the oddness of my current knit in progress If it weren't for Roberta Having a visible thought bubble over her head that said WTF?! in bright flashing lights puzzling over how the top was going to look. She also showed me tough love when she told me there is no possible way my socks were three inches long, and don't bother with the tape measure, which I did anyway and then slinked? slunk? slunked? away in a huff when I realized
1. I still had 2 and 3/4 inches worth of ribbing before I could switch to something less annoying and
2. I don't know the past tense of to slink.
Sometimes I just need a kick in the ass tough love and possibly some lessons in reading comprehension and and proper grammar usage.
But it's not all bad. I have a designated Puppy Knitting Supervisor who incidentally also doubles as a yarn taste quality assurance agent.
Follow the link for a picture of what the Vittadini Twist Front Top from Spring '05 should actually look like. Oh the Humanity.

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