A little procrastination never hurt anybody

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Lyssa I don't have official homework per se but I do have to read a 50 plus page paper on my biological material before noon tomorrow. And there's that paper I have to write sometime before March 3rd. But I am finished with all my classes. I just have to complete my evil spawn thesis research and write my thesis. That's all.
So...*looks around, sees paper, looks away* …who wants to see my new hair (I'm calling the pink background a "thin" filter)?
And my new sock?
Is there really interest for a frogging knit blogger ring? Would you join? Are you up to the task of frogging? Leave a comment and let me know.
Twisted Front Top
Let me state for the record I will finish the $%^&*#@! Twist Front Top. I think I've finally reached a suitable comprehension level of the following instructions
Wrong Side: Do A
Right Side: Do B
Right Side Edges: Do C
Work 3 Decrease Rows
Work 1 Row Even
Repeat as established. (Buh?)
Yes it is as clear as mud isn't it? I've gotten into a groove and will be finishing this sweater even if it includes fudging to make it resemble an article of clothing. All I know is, I will finish this sweater and burn it in a bonfire in the backyard come hell or high water.
Today's Coffee Level Alert is Purple

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