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Not in the sad sense. I'm knitting a blue sock,
looking through the latest Vogue Knitting aka the Blue Eye Shadow issue,
and was the recipient of 11 pounds of free (Thanks Jenn!) yarn much of which is blue. I've also got another pair of blue socks to make.
I'm going to start putting the (blue) sock yarn and needles under my pillow at night to see if they knit themselves. I'll be sure to document the process.
Thanks to all who left comments yesterday. You flatter me too much! We wouldn't want my head to get any bigger than it already is! And Dog knows if it did get bigger I might stop ending sentences with prepositions. And we wouldn't want that now would we?
Speaking of overly large brains I present to you dear readers, Baxter's first tenet in his Grand Unified Theory.
The nature of the expansion of the Universe is dependent on the unit time population density of Physicists in any given location. If the number reaches parity the Universe is expanding due to the inflationary nature of their overly large egos. If the number is not at parity the Universe is collapsing. You should thank each and every Physicist you know for doing their part. You may start with my Master, Fickleknitter who has generously provided me with cat food, puppy treats, and lots of free time for contemplating the Universe. Also be sure to thank her for having such an enormous head, only just big enough to fit her ginormous Physics Ego.
Stay tuned for Baxter's Treatise on String Theory!

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