Fickle Thursday

Posted on Jan 25, 2006. 0 comments

I'm feeling fickle. I am getting sock fatigue (one pair down, 4 to go) and I've been stash diving to see what inspires me.
I started these armwarmers (done in Prime Rib stitch found in EZ's Opinionated Knitter) to practice brioching (is that a word?) before I start a sweater for my Dad.
I love the stitch and the yarn, but not the combination. I think I'll rip this back and start over in a different color.
I'm being good and swatching 'cause frankly I'm tired of the surprise endings when I finish a knit and it changes dimension after washing, usually getting too big.
The yarn is White Buffalo Unspun. It's traditionally used for Cowichan style sweaters. The yarn is made of 6 strands (unplied) that are held together while knitting. You have to be gentle with the yarn or it will pull apart as you knit. My gauge swatch is a whopping 2 stitches per inch both before and after steaming. Steaming causes the stitches to bloom in a really lovely way, but the overall dimensions remain the same. This project will go really fast after I start because it is on gargantuan needles. I usually go down a few sizes from recommended needle size because I'm a loose knitter. So a US size 15 (that's right FIFTEEN) needle should be quick. I behaved myself and swatched but since there is always balance in the Universe I'm not really sure if I'll have enough yarn to make the sweater. I enjoy living on the edge.
I made this wallet/change purse months ago but finally got around to sewing on the snap closure last night. I'm getting bored with finishing what I start so expect a massive cast on within the next week.
It's made from Recycled Sari Silk which was generously given to me by the lovely Lu. I have plans to make a tank top out of the remaining yarn. One of these days....

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