And They Called Her...Computer Slayer

Posted on Jan 27, 2006. 0 comments

Who else has had two catastrophic computer failures in three months? I should be nominated for the Computer Specific version of the Darwin Awards. Last night my new laptop experienced cascading failures that started with my wireless LAN card. You know what did the card in? YARN. That's right. I was browsing WEBS yarn and it proved to be too much for my wireless network card and indeed more than my poor lappy could bear.
Here's some interlude screaming and gnashing of teeth knitting to help ease the pain.
When your second laptop in almost as many months breaks you get to cast on whatever you want, no matter if you have another lace shawl that languishing since October or not. This is Adamas from Knit Picks, knit with Shadow. Shadow is deliciously soft, but not so soft that I forget the impending doom of another good-for-nothing laptop.

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