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This is a picture of the camera which contains new pictures of My Knitting. You will have to make due with an effigy the camera that contains the photos since The Husband has TAKEN MY CAMERA CABLE to use with his new phone (which I convinced him to buy) on his business trip. Karma strikes again! But my computer is semi-functional.
>Image picture of laptop with Ethernet Connection Here<
Albeit with those pesky wires that force you to surf and write in the dreaded Entropy Room which in turn makes you clean up the room, making it the Entropy If You Look Real Close Room. And by Real Close I mean if you do the kind of looking you typically do with your eyes. I would mention the automatic cat box here if I were the type of Wife to bring up that it is still dirty. But instead I think I will mail the Husband the catpoopscoop while he is away on his fun filled fabulous business trip enjoying the titillating company of my camera cable.
To those who think I ought to just take more pictures with my camera phone: I would but I've expended today's energy output on cleaning the Entropy If You Look Real Close Room. Maybe I can bring myself to take some camera phone pictures later in the week. Or I could hire a Cabana boy to take pictures and to put away the two full sized ladders and other man equipment cluttering up my house. FYI Cabana Boys won't take your camera phone cable without at least asking first. And they wear short shorts. Plus as an added bonus they don't look at Entropy Rooms real close.
But there has been knitting! I've been happily knitting along on Adamas. I'd encourage Carrie K and anyone else contemplating this pattern to go ahead and give it a try. It is a lovely design, but more importantly the pattern is well executed. And you can have yarn and pattern for under $7 of the American Dollars. I have not seen the pattern available for pdf download for the lovely Aussie ladies , but if the status changes I will let you know.
And finally for Miriam (I have been touched by celebrity, and it was indeed good) I would like to state for the record that I will be employing the stitch markers. I greatly admire those with the orbs to knit lace without stitch markers who dare knit lace without the aid of the stitch markers but for the sanity for those around me and of myself I will continue to make use of them. I don't have a problem shifting them a couple times in the pattern repeat, which is actually less than I've had to do in the past (I'm talking to YOU Ene!) The project has just enough oomph to keep me interested but not enough to make me hide it in a box in the closet for months before I can bear to look upon its countenance.
Check back tomorrow for progress photos and pictures of baby booties from 50 Baby Booties to Knit. And possibly for a blogger in a better mood thanks to the miracle of advil.

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