Mea Culpa AGAIN

Posted on Jan 31, 2006. 0 comments

Dear The Husband,
I have wronged you. I have shouted from the Rooftops that you have taken my Camera Cable on your business trip back East. All the while the tartlet camera cable was taunting me from its very local positioning in our house. I am very sorry for Skewing your Good Reputation, and for bringing up the Cabana Boys again. Please note I am partaking of my Crow Filled Humble Pie at this moment. I will grant you 3 visits to Home Depot as penance for my crimes.
Fickle H.* Knitter
I'm hoping that my recent bout of overwhelming Hubris will prevent me from mucking up the Beautiful Adamas Shawl. Adamas are a girls best friend after all.
The Official Sock Tally is now 2 pairs down, 3.25 (1/4 for the second bootie) to go.
Look not at the wonky seaming of the Bootie. It will be fixed very soon. Hopefully my ego will self repair first.

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