Dance of the Sugar Plum Possum

Posted on Feb 15, 2006. 0 comments

Sometimes you find Wild Woodland Creatures even in the land of the Land of Cell Phones That Never Sleep.
In fact this is my third encounter with the evil that is Possum (See May 9, 2005 entry for more info). No Possums, Dogs, Husbands or Camera Persons were injured in the documentation of this dramatic scene in which a feral and savage Possum (who I've named "Possum") slinks around the backyard looking for fresh fruit and small women and children ripe for the kill.
Possum isn't the only wild woodland creature on the prowl in the Fickle Household.
Steve the Anthropomorphic Cat (Distant Cousin to Knitty Kitty) has discovered the Shaped Triangle. Actually Steve was good enough to pose to show the ginormous proportions of Shaped Triangle. I can't be sure but I believe I'm knitting an accidental House Cozy in lieu of a lace shawl, and I still have 20 some odd rows before the edging. And I'm not terribly sure I have enough yarn for the edging.
Anyone else struck by the similarities in Possum's Fur and the colorway of my House Cozy yarn?

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