Gift Papers -or- How to make a Grad Student nuts in 2 days or less

Posted on Feb 17, 2006. 0 comments

I've been slaving over a research paper the past few days. Much to my surprise I discovered late Tuesday that I had a 2 day window to start and finish my paper rather than the 2 week limit I thought. I am really lucky to have a fantastic Advisor capable of helping me turn my crap into something respectable. I'll be presenting my paper March 3. The hardest part will be picking a hand knit to wear that day as I've presented my work at least three times. I never thought I'd feel confident presenting anything but it is becoming less and less scary over time.
Both Heidi and Carrie K have wondered if all the stuff I've been obsessively knitting are gifts. Well the sad truth is...yes. When I first started knitting I went through quite a phase where many Christmas gifts were made, the typical beginning knitter's lot of scarves and hats. Eventually I decided that was too much and scaled back to "one sweater per year" for Christmas. And somehow that turned into five pair of socks, two lace shawls, and three sweaters this winter. I'm not making all this for Christmas, in fact I think the knit gifts are better received unexpectedly throughout the year. I do have to mention that after my first round of scarves and hats I evolved as a knitter, moving on to sweaters and beyond. I have to wonder where I'll be after this round of more complicated knitting. I'm thinking I'll branch out into house and car cozies to keep my fingers busy and happy.

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