Cast Away

Posted on Feb 20, 2006. 0 comments

Four pair down, two to go. I'm thinking of making my Sockapaloooza pals socks with the green opal pictured. I'll
be swatching sometime this week. I'd like to do a pattern with bobbles. Am I in need of professional help?
I also made huge progress on the Shaped Triangle. However I dropped Shaped Triangle like a hot potato when I realized I was down to the last two rows but before the 30 miles of edging.
This is the Corset Pullover from Spring 2003 Interweave Knits. I've made some changes and substitutions to the pattern. I added an inch of length and used some stash Jo Sharp DK wool instead of the suggested Egyptian Cotton. I swatched the yarn and steamed it to see how it would change. The pattern calls for 5 st/in but going all the way down to US 3 Addis only gave me just under 4.25 st/in, so I compensated by knitting the smallest size. According to my math (and with a little luck) I should get the right size after steaming.
I swatched Sierra Aran for another Harry Potter sweater of my own design. The yarn is buttery soft and very drapey. I'm knitting this sweater by the seat of my pants.
I might cast on for another sweater since I'm feeling all warm and lovey dovey about having 20 million things in my WIP pile. You only live once, might as well have as many WIPs as possible!

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