Too Busy to Blog

Posted on Feb 21, 2006. 0 comments

I have to stop by the library and pick up the magazine Karen mentioned in Monday's comments post haste.
Ok Ok, I do have time to blog but I will be seeking out the issue of National Geographic for erm scientific purposes.
On to business. Saun (Have you seen her designs? Have you?) asked
how many knits I have on the needles. I have:
*The Nordic Sweater of my design about a third of the way complete.
*Half a pair of baby booties, Anchor Booties from 50 Baby Booties to Knit.
*99.9 percent of Shaped Triangle minus the 3500 miles of knit edging.
*The Corset Pullover from IK Spring 2003.
*A second Harry Potter Sweater of my own design.
I expect I'll be casting on for the following in the next week
*Sockapalooza socks of my own design (including bobbles Godhelpusall).
*Circular shrug found on
*Seraphim shawl as soon as my knit picks order arrives.
Note there has been no mention of finishing anything. Who needs finished knits? I just need more needles.

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