Royal Thursday

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Finishing is for quitters. UFOs are forever.
Apropos comment left by the Wise Lyssa (Who I want to become a professional world traveler so I can read her travel blog)
It seems that a certain few people don't believe I have only Five works in progress. Admittedly I have had as many as eleven at one time but who hasn't? Maybe I should become a card carrying member of ADCD Club (Attention Deficit Crafting Disorder), or as Saun suggested el Presidente.
You may all refer to me as El Presidente in the future and I will refer to myself in the third person and employ the royal we.
Executive Order Number One:
All Knitterly type persons known by El Presidente are now members of the National Yarn Cabinet. The National Yarn Cabinet Members sit on such committees as the Gross National Expenditure on Yarn Committee, the National Yarn Disaster Prevention Fund, the Knitting Needles in Every Home Plan, and the Housing Development for Expanding Yarn Collection Council.
Executive Order Royal Decree Number Two:
El Presidente of the ADCD club is now Empress of all Baxterfornia.
Royal Decree Number One:
Any future day of the week ending in "day" will be now and forever known as a Yarn Day. Yarn Days are special days throughout the year that warrant the purchase of mass quantities of yarn, yarn related equipment, books, patterns, roving, and or spinning implements.
Royal Decree Number Two:
Any persons violating the spirit of Yarn Day must make penance by purchasing other crafting supplies such as but not limited to sewing, beading, stamping, et al. Failure to do so will result in community service.
Royal Decree Number Three:
All yarn refusing to cooperate and thusly manufacturing disasters of epic proportions will be banished forever from Baxterfornia.
Now if you'll excuse me us we have to go polish our Crown.

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