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Posted on Mar 01, 2006. 0 comments

I have to spend today preparing for my Research Paper presentation to be given tomorrow. Last time I mentioned the paper I also foolishly boldly stated I wasn't nervous. What a bunch of bunk. My stomach is doing flip flops well over 24 hours in advance! That might also be in part due to not having started finished the powerpoint file, and also because I will be giving practice presentations in under three hours. Hurray for the Procrastinators! We keep the world turning even if it is five minutes behind schedule.
Jacey asked if the broken needles in Tuesday's post were Bryspun circulars. Indeed they are. It was quite a disappointment really. I love the tips, and the lightweight needles. I felt the wool dragging over one side of the join and when I pushed the stitches back to inspect the damage the needle broke off entirely. I've since switched over to my Denise needles and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that both needles are the same millimeter width. I've built in enough ease into the Harry Potter pattern that it shouldn't matter either way but time will tell.
I'm also concerned I may run out of yarn for the Shaped Triangle edging. At some point in the knitting process I had to cut out a biggish portion of the Lorna's Laces because of knot of biblical proportions. The bad news is I can't remember if I threw the portion away in a moment of rage or if I kept it around just in case. As in, just in case I knit 10,000 miles of lace edging only to run out at the last moment.
Is it Yarnday yet??

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