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1. Do not throw away knotted yarn because you may need it later.
2. Hoard yarn. You never know when it will be discontinued and become priceless (or get thrown out in a terrible accident).
2. Hide yarn stuffs in Spouse Unexpected Locations such as sofa cushions and tampon boxes. Never divulge SUL hiding places. Never divulge yarn hoarding habits.
2. Pull yarn from outside ball wound ball instead of using center pull. This good advice was offered by Miriam who also says
Even though it's a center pull, take the yarn from the OUTSIDE of the ball. It will break less, and tangle less. If you do it that way, it won't BARF out of the ball. The delicate nature of the yarn means that it sticks to itself a lot. Especially if it's got mohair content. In fact, if I have anything with a large mohair content, I pull it from the outside of the ball anyway, no matter what weight it is.
Not content with giving out great advice, Miriam is also cranking out shawl designs like there is no tomorrow. I had a small argument with myself (I won) over which shawl to start. I opted to go with the gift Seraphim shawl first, and the selfish Mountain Peaks shawl second. However I've devised a maniacal plan to knit BOTH shawls at the same time. The plan includes taking Shaped Triangle off of the needles and setting it aside on waste yarn until I finish the shawl for me the new yarn arrives in the mail.
I'm not all bad.
I finished my Sockapaloooza socks (-1 UFO), but I cast on for the Seraphim Shawl (+1 UFO).
I don't like to create Universal Entropy so I'll try to maintain UFO balance. At least until the next trifle catches my eye.

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