I have a pimple the diameter of a US size 7 needle

Posted on Mar 14, 2006. 0 comments

Anyone ever consider staying home because of an inhumanly large pimple the size of Texas? It looks like I have a third eye right beside my nose. Whatever you do do not make eye contact with the pimple. It has overtaken my frontal lobe and caused me to say things like He's angling for an ass beating, southern style.
Abusing's Word of the Day's Word of the Day
In other news's word of the day is uxorious.
Uxorious: excessively fond of or submissive to the wife. Uxorious. The Husband better become uxorious-like real quick or I'm banishing him to the dog house. (Don't worry all the yarn out there will keep him warm). Uxorious.
I decided to see if the magic Calla Lily (Calla's are members of the Wheat family right?) would bloom Crumpets.
So far no luck but I'm going to leave the yarn out overnight and give an update tomorrow.

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