Kennel You, Kennel Me?

Posted on Mar 17, 2006. 0 comments

Today's post will be filled with non sequiturs. I offer no apologies.
1. I found and confirmed a grey hair. I've earned it damnit.
2. I had extreme Kenneling guilt until I reviewed the paper work (selected list of services to follow)

2. Playtime
3. Treat time
4. Daily grooming with loving care
6. Daily report card (uh oh)
7. Choice of suite or apartment size
9. Constant temperature air-conditioning/heating
11. Choice of menu (Steak and Lobster if you please)
16. Trained valets (Do they mean the lady in waiting and man servant variety?)
17. Linen, consisting of plush pile non-allergenic carpeting, changed daily
18. Private attached patios with all canine apartments
22. Extra loving any time it is needed

3. I'm wondering when I can move into the Kennel. That's some mighty fine Southern Californian living.
4. I finished my loud hat.
I won't have enough time for the Nordic mittens, or enough yarn for the bulky mittens.
5. We are trying to have a baby. I will be peeing on anything that remotely resemebles sticks (hide your knitting needles!) until further notice.
6. Who knew Birth Control hormones kept me sane?
7. I have the skin and hormones of a teenager.
8. I am prone to emotional outbursts.
9. Hide the Chocolate.
10. Invest in Home Pregnancy Test Manufacturers.

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