Oh the Nerve(s)

Posted on Mar 20, 2006. 0 comments

I hate flying. I spend the last 24 hours before a flight freaking out trying to get ready for the impending travel experience. For Example:
Pictured is my suitcase packed and ready for a four day trip, along with the Husband's suitcase to be used for the same four day trip. (And this is before I add yarn and accoutrements.) Any guesses as to which bag belongs to which spouse?
Snow Alert
Fortunately I have a whole plethora of (finished) hand knit items to keep me warm during my trip. Like these stockinette socks knit in Knit Pick's Pansy colorway:
And my arch nemesis, the Shaped Triangle.
Even if it's big enough to keep me and half of DC warm before being blocked.
I'm going to try to take my Holtz and Stein needles aboard the airplane so I can continue to make progress on the Seraphim Shawl. I'll be taking a copy of the TSA regulations with me just in case I have to prove Knitting Needles are accepted items.
I'll do my best to update during my trip but I can make no promises. If I am unable to garner internet access regular posting will resume next Monday. Have a great week!

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