Washington, a Brief Photographic Review

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"Room With a View"
We stayed just off of Ballston Square in Arlington for the first part of our trip. I was pleased to find a very convenient Metro station, and easy access to the George Washington Parkway to boot.
Why is the George Washington Parkway important you may ask? It yields direct access to Alexandria and Knit Happens. Turn left onto Cameron Street (Knit Happens will also be on your left) for Potomac River access.
"Potomac River Photo Taken While Freezing My Ass Off. Forty Degrees Doesn't Even Photograph Cold."
"Knit Happens When You Are Freezing Your Ass Off Because You Moved to California and Forgot the Cold." Also "I remember 40 degrees being a lot warmer than this."
Make time to stop at the Torpedo Factory during your Knit Happens trek.
It's just what it sounds like, a factory used in the manufacture of Torpedoes, which has since been converted into an Artist showcase. You will find photography, paintings, sculpture, fiber and textiles for sale. It's a fantastic place to whittle away the afternoon even if you don't have a fine art line item in your budget.
The National Mall
"Capitol Building"
I took the Orange line to the Smithsonian stop. The Capitol Building greets you from one side and the Washington Monument from the other.
"Washington Monument"
"Random Statue near 7th Street Entrance to National Gallery of Art. Note the prevalence of Phallic Imagery in Our Nation's Capitol. Just Saying."
I didn't have much time so I limited my museum visits to the National Gallery of Art (which has a headlining Cezanne exhibition, and an amazing amount of noteworthy art), the Natural History Museum (where I visited the Hope Diamond), and the Native American Museum.
"No Phallus Imagery Here."
We arrived home last night. I highly recommend Jet Blue airways if you have a hub near you.
"This is what greeted me in the mirror when I awoke at 5:30 am Local Time" -or- "The Face My Husband Made When He Realized How Much Yarn I Bought"

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