Torrential Tuesday

Posted on Mar 27, 2006. 0 comments

I don't often comment on the differences between Women and Men but this nugget really warrants sharing. Men and Women feel pain differently. For example, the Husband had two moles removed yesterday (Recovering from the iodine swab sure is hard work). According to him the healing of the wounds requires that he lay perfectly still in the bed while I fetch him things like the remote control, peeled grapes, and coffee. I on the other hand had an internal organ removed through my belly button, and I was able bodied enough to reach the remote, fetch the mail, do laundry, let the dog out and more.
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I bought the Koigu from Knit Happens. The Koigu followed me home from DC. The pattern is the Lace Chain pattern found in Walker's Sacred Text.
Seraphim Shawl
I've noticed a lot of interest in the Seraphim pattern in the keyword search terms, and rightly so. The pattern is a delight to knit. Miriam makes clean, easy to understand patterns that are beautiful.

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