Emerging from Hibernation

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I’d like to thank everyone who commented over the past few days. I read and appreciate each and every single comment you leave. Thank you so much for taking the time to brighten my day!
Knitting, what most people come here to read
I know most people visit the blog for knitting content and I will do my best to accommodate. There may be times when I talk or bitch or whine about being pregnant, but it is such an all encompassing part of me now that I wouldn't have much to write about without this new development in my life. All I ask is for a little patience while I balance knitting and the joys (and sometimes sorrows) of pregnancy.
That being said I expect Ficklebaby will be covered from head to toe in hand knits despite the temperate climate of Southern California.
Wool Baby pants with and with out the little footies? Check.
Hats? Check.
Sweaters? Check.
Socks? Check.
I expect the more learned knitters to let me know what I've missed on my baby knitting checklist.
Knitting Pics
Geranium Sock with ill fated Shrunken Pansy Socks
Spring 2003 Interweave Corset Pullover
I'm trying to finish all my works in progress so I can move on to kinder, gentler baby knits. First in the queue is Corset Pullover. I'm almost to the armhole decreases on the back, and with a little luck will finish the last sleeve sometime this week. This is the most contemporary sweater I've knit to date, I hope I can pull off the look (without people pointing and laughing that is).

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