Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Posted on Apr 14, 2006. 0 comments

Except when Mommy is already in the corner, dry heaving. It's been a rough week! I had my first bouts of extreme (but unproductive) nausea, a run in with a little something I'd like to call "the bloat," and have become accustomed to the cravings for meatball covered meatballs drowned in cheese. It is interesting to note that I avoid dairy like the plague, usually have grilled chicken or turkey instead of red meat, and enjoy salads for lunch. Frankly my dears the baby ain't having it. It's meat and cheese or extreme nausea. But really what I want to know is, what is causing one boob to be larger than the other? Is this some pregnancy hormone I'm unaware of? Like the hormone that tells your body to sprout hairs in places they don't belong?
All kidding aside I'll gladly deal with the sometimes unkind symptoms of pregnancy for the reward at the end. Eighteen years of no sleep.
Have a great weekend! And Happy Easter to those that celebrate. Please eat a peep (or 10) in my honor because the baby has taken away my sweet tooth. Ah the simple joys of pregnancy.

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