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To the poor soul who googled the following and found their way to my humble blog: pregnant women hormones spouses,
I'm sorry Spouse, you probably didn't find the answers you were looking for (unless it was the cardinal rule of pregnancy, DO NOT TOUCH THE CHEESECAKE). Yes there are hormones induced by pregnancy that probably cause you to rue the day you met your spouse but take solace in the fact that YOU most likely "planted the seed." Reap the benefits of your actions my friend the Spouse, and learn that the answer to just about everything can be summed up with the following:
1. Yes Dear
2. You Look Very Thin Today Sweetheart
3. Let Me Run To The Store And Buy You Some Cheesecake Love
Once you learn these simple to follow rules pregnancy will be a breeze.
Fickle Q Knitter
Obligatory Knitting Content
I'm all about feet coverings lately. I knit up a new pair of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs since my first pair is nearly worn through. I also decided to knit the first official FickleBaby item, a pair of Booties from Erika Knight's Knitting For Two.
The Unfelted Clogs were pictured with the booties for scale. I just can't get over the fact that feet that small actually exist.
I mentioned sometime last week that I hadn't purchased any new yarn in two months. I'm slowly working my way out of that hole with no bottom.
The first influx of new yarn hails from School House Press. My camera casts an eerie pink glow on the photos so they don't give an accurate depiction of just how pretty the yarn really is. I ordered some Icelandic Laceweight and some Canadian Regal. Neither are the softest of wools but I imagine they'll last forever once knit up. I'll post the rest of my purchases as they fall miraculously from the heavens onto my doorstep, funded by my benefactor who I like to refer to as The Husband*.
*You'd be eager to buy your wife yarn too if the consequence of not doing so is the Pregnant Quivering Lip. Google that, sickos!

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