The Gift Fairy

Posted on May 30, 2006. 0 comments

The Gift Fairy couldn't have picked a better time to drop off this wonderful package on my doorstep yesterday.
Thank you Lyssa so much for this thoughtful gift! The blanket is the first we've received and we were beyond delighted. Also I want you to know I harbor no resentment toward you or your beautiful belly dancer's body while mine goes to pot. I'll be posting your photo on my fridge when it comes time for the Fickleknitter's Baby Weight Loss Bootcamp Regimen. The suffering will begin with Niece Pecenka's Pilates During Pregnancy. Which you may find odd since I'll be post partum but believe me, this workout video is not for the faint of heart. I broke out in a sweat just by sitting on the exercsie mat watching Niece do all those fancypants Pilates moves. Happily my fit of exhaustion was quickly cured by Los Golondrinas' Chips and Salsa, aka Food of the Damned. The Salsa is so hot it will allow you to portray the Fire of Hades in your very own digestive system. If you are a real sadist you will eat the Salsa and Chips three days in a row (unwisely considering the side effects) and then spew a little fire and brimstone of your very own.
The Belly Fairy
Please view the April 18th entry for a comparison on belly size. Malachai is a growing baby, gaining more and more strength with which to kick Mommy in the bladder, which causes Mommy to kick Daddy in the shin while shouting
You Did This To Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
This One I Did Myself
Sometimes while gestating you make what I'd like to call Simple Errors in Judgment, such as continuing to knit a 3-6 Month baby cardigan on size US 2 needles even after you realize it's a whopping 40 inches in width. I figure Los Golondrinas Salsa and Chips helps grow super sized babies, and at least I'll be prepared with proper newborn attire.

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