Floofy Smoosh

Posted on Jun 15, 2006. 0 comments

Pregnancy doesn't just change your taste in food. It also changes your taste in yarn. For example I've never been interested in novelty, manmade yarns before. That is until I found Paton's Be Mine, which I've conveniently renamed to "Floofy Smoosh." Floofy Smoosh is the softest, cuddliest, shedding fibers everywhereist yarn ever made. There will be more Floofy Smoosh in this house if I have anything to do with it.
People will tell you lots of random, unsolicited stupid shit tidbits of information when they find out you are pregnant. Such as the baby experiences what YOU experience while you are pregnant. So I figure the baby should be exposed to some "nature" even if it is only 35 seconds in the sun, playing with flowers while your neighbors wonder what in the hell you are doing outside in your PJ's at 10:30am.
Next up on the Baby Experience Tour is some good old fashioned Heavy Metal Music followed by a course of Inappropriate Comedy Stand Up Routines. For those who are concerned, we'll be visiting the Den of Iniquity next week.

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