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It is with great trepidation that I admit in my 29 years of living, I have successfully used an entire container of NOT ONE of the many hordes of cleaning products I've purchased since I became Suzie Q Consumer.
That is until I got Pregnant. I've even lured the Husband into the Method cleaning.
We've used it to clean
*The Dog
*The Kitchen and Bathroom Floors
*My Laptop
*Anything that crosses my path
I'd apply it to my tummy if I thought it would prevent stretch marks. It may be non-toxic and smell less offensive than other cleaning products, but it is certainly no miracle stretch mark cream. Not that I would know.
Speaking of methods, my latest method of completing tasks is I'll get to it eventually. As if to say, if I don't finish my Thesis the baby won't come out! Or, if I don't put the sentient pile of laundry away there won't be more dirty laundry generated! Or if I just listen to this Battlestar Galactica Podcast my thesis will write itself!
I blame it on Pregmentia.
You'd have pregmentia too if you had another OB appointment where your weight was going to be sighed and clucked at. I'm compromising my cravings by not buying potato chips until after my Friday afternoon blood draw. Gods forbid they took a potato chip serum count in my blood, because I certainly couldn't claim healthy living at that shameful juncture. I'll just bring along a paper bag for my head just the same.
I have found time to make another in a series I'd like to call "Pregnancy Shrugs, The Only Small Thing On My Body."
I found this adorable and quick pattern on Craftster. I whipped it out in 2 days using Rowan's Cashsoft DK and size 11 needles. It doesn't get any more instant gratification than that. I've bookmarked a number of other shrugs to be knit up, including the Hot Lava Cardigan (idea blatantly stolen from the lovely Superstarra herself). Now I must get back to my knitting potato chip eating Podcast listening cleaning thesis. Until next time.

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