The Three Lucys

Posted on Jul 05, 2006. 0 comments

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Lyssa and Roberta AT THE SAME TIME this weekend. We were mostly well behaved until we reached Target. Where there may or may not have been shenanigans involving an artichoke shaped candle, a frightening chicken candle holder, and the dropping of said artichoke candle on my foot. I got the Lucy award for the night.
I need a little Technicolor in my life
I'm starting to view the world in food group like colors.
For instance yellow reminds me of the color of a particular bag of potato chips, red helps me recollect pizza sauce, orange is for cheddar cheeses, green has me reminiscing on m & m's. Funny how I can turn any subject around to food and or pregnancy isn't it?
What are the chances I'll pass my predilection on to the baby?

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