My Fair Fickle

Posted on Jul 17, 2006. 0 comments

My child has discriminating musical tastes. Specifically s/he likes to listen to Led Zeppelin, and Bob Dylan. You may wonder how I know this. I've listened to a variety of music and noted the times I've been kicked in the bladder. My child did make one unfortunate musical choice and that was a lounge singer at the Pasadena POPS Orchestra. I'd like to think that ornery kicking had more to do with agreeing with Mommy that lounge singing is not for us. Ficklebaby did redeem herself by eventually kicking during my favorite Nina Simone cd. There will be no Kids Bop in this house.
Highlights of the Orange County Fair
You've seen one County Fair, you've seen them all. Well almost. Orange County fair is quite different from the country fairs I grew up attending but I'll keep it.
Who would turn down chili dogs, curly fries, and funnel cake? Not any pregnant lady I know.
All this did was make me want more cashmere and mohair, even though it's 100* F.
I think we could keep one in the backyard, don't you?

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