Warning: Picture Heavy Post Ahead

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I have some guilt for blogging once a week*. So I'll overcompensate and bombard you with pictures. Deal?
Firstly I am saddened and also amused by the on campus replacement of a relatively healthy restaurant with
Jody Maron1's SAUSAGE KINGDOM. I was asked to alter the for hire sign to say "Now Hiring Men Only." I said "No." Having been surrounded mainly by men for the past ten years is reason enough for me to be overjoyed at having a little girl. Sausage Kingdom indeed.
Here's my latest belly pic at 23 weeks. Maya likes to kick Mommy regularly. I will be enrolling her in sports activities that involve kicking such as soccer and martial arts.
Mr Dangly Knitted Monkey Esquire
Mr Monkey is the first knitted toy I've made for Maya. We're doing her nursery in a Jungle theme, and who doesn't love monkeys?
Mr Monkey is modeling my first diaper soaker**, Little Turtle Knit's Original Soaker Pattern. I have two concerns about the soaker. One being I really really hope merino is a suitable choice for a diaper cover, and secondly those leg holes look awfully small to my untrained eye. I'll make a size larger and see how I feel about it. The pattern is great, a quick and easy project.
**You may leave your sympathies for the Husband on being strong armed into cloth diapering in the comment section.
I still knit for myself. I started yet another shrug, this one from the Blue Eyeshadow Issue of Vogue (You know which issue I'm talking about). I'm not impressed with the shrug photography in the mag, but I think the pattern has potential. It is great practice at short rowing if nothing else. Especially since I had to rip out half of it because it would fit the Husband. I even had the right gauge. But any pattern that has me knitting the smallest size to fit while 5 months pregnant is a pattern I love. The yarn is Rowan Chunky Print. It's fairly soft and it's not overly splitty.
I have a love/hate relationship with these socks. First it was LOVE of the colorway and then it was HATE for the colorway. What can I say? My body is swarming with hormones making me a wee bit temperamental.
Now that I'm nearly done I really do like the colorway again. I'll be buying this Gedifra sock yarn again.
*I'm working part time until Mid-September when I go back to work fulltime. Which means I have about ONE MONTH to finish writing my thesis. So if I'm not writing or working or knitting, I'm sleeping. My apologies for not responding to emails.

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