Lessons Learned.

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You know when you see a knitted object on someone's blog and you think "self those colors are gorgeous, I sure would love something like that for MY baby."
And then, a surprise comes in the mail! This beautiful pinwheel baby blanket hand knit by the loverly Monica. I should be pregnant every day. You know, minus the pregnancy part. As if that weren't generous enough, Monica also knit the most darling baby sweater on the planet. The snowflakes did me in. And the hood. But I am still slightly frightened that something big enough to fit into the sweater will be entering the world through a wee opening on my body.
Maya is so pleased with the gifts from her Internet Auntie Monica she gives a thumbs up. Or a hang ten sign, you decide.
Sadly this is the reaction Mommy gets to hand knit items.
Please note that is a baby bum at the top of the ultrasound photo, mooning her parental unit before leaving the womb. This will go in her permanent record.
What's a little thesis writing between friends*?
(Science discussion, although tangent to Thesis Topic)
Well I have discovered that Carls Jr Sourdough Breakfast meals are good for hives. It's a scientific
fact. Also I am thinking about yarn and having more food. Eating (or wanting to eat) more than one breakfast is embarrassing.
I am still wearing my pjs (at 11 am)
I have only 1 breakfast so far. still need a second one. and i am only eating for me. And what's more, you just proved a scientific fact. all by yourself, before noon. Science makes you hungry. Especially because you were so wrapped up in proving scientific facts that you did not even have time to change out of your pjs. that is just dedication, if you ask me.
(I've been thinking about yarn too)
Now I am contemplating which fast food establishment will best fit my lunchtime hunger needs. Did you know McDonalds and Carls have magical ingredients that have super special baby growing powers? (See mooning photo above if you do not believe in the extraordinary properties of fast food)
Well, i had my shower, a second breakfast. i am ready to start writing. until lunch time rolls around, which i
think is at about 1pm. Ever heard of the movie "solo". android killing machine get conscience and then army has to hunt him down and kill everything and ... i think you know the rest. anyway, Adrian Brody is in it too. he just died
though. i might be too upset to write right now. gonna get lunch early.
Poor Adrian Brody, such a waste of good flesh. I would find his on screen demise too troubling to continue with the thessesieseses writing too no doubt.
I'm trying to pry myself off the couch to go get lunch (with some sort of dessert items). And I want to change out of my cotton shorts to something less overtly maternity looking just to go through the drive through. I have some sense of fashion.
Or not.
It's the drive through, it doesn't count unless you actually get out of your car. If you are still in your car, the rules of fashion don't apply, because it's like you are still inside your own property: you car. So just go in those fabulous cotton shorts. no shame, because none is needed.
Lessons Learned:
1. Being pregnant is great. People are nice to you. The symptoms still suck, but your baby will have beautiful hand knit items and Internet Aunties to teach them how to knit.
2. Carls Jr breakfast is great for thesis induced hives.
3. Fast food is good for babies.
4. Wearing maternity cotton shorts outside the home is acceptable when visits are limited to Drive Through Windows.
*The preceding conversation was based on fictional characters and has no resemblance to Fickleknitter Incorporated. Particularly if you are Mr. Fickleknitter.

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