Sugary Sweet

Posted on Sep 12, 2006. 0 comments

The bottle looks innocent enough, somewhat like a bottle of Orange Soda.
But upon closer inspection you may notice that the bottle of sugar is available by prescription only. And what nefarious purpose do you think 50 grams of fake orange flavored, carbonated sugar water serves? If you answered "to make pregnant women crazy" that would be a good start. Drinking the elixir in under 5 minutes is a cruel joke on Pregnant women everywhere called Gestational Diabetes testing. I acknowledge it has its purpose. It is a very important test, and helps prevent medical problems down the road. However anything requiring any amount of fasting, followed by mass consumption of sugar can not be a good thing. Just ask the Husband. Who is lucky to have survived the debacle.
Speaking of Husbands....
This photo is for Jennifer. May I present to you my gentle readers, the Nursery {cue fanfare}. My Baby will be sleeping like a little angel in the empty cardboard box in the upper left corner. I'll be changing her rose smelling diapers on the rolling fire safe, and gently serenading her to sleep with the ukulele hanging on the wall. Can you imagine a more serene setting for a newborn?
I still knit.
Perhaps too much. The hat is a gift for a coworker's grandson, and the two diaper covers are for Maya. I find baby knits hard to resist. They are so quick, perfect for the smallest amounts of yarn, and so tiny.
I'm 95% finished the Greek Pullover. I modified the bottom by adding about 4 inches and skipping the side slits all together. I single crocheted the neckline, but it curls and flops around. When I can fit into the sweater (the way clothes were intended to fit) I will revamp the collar to skip that Flashdance look. I would not recommend trying on sweaters you have made for your pre pregnancy size when you are as big as a blimp. It is demoralizing. But at least there was no fasting involved.

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