Dear Sleep

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Dear Sleep,
We have had a long standing relationship, you and I. Near on Thirty years of sweet, tender togetherness. I know there were times in my wayward youth where I abused you and took you for granted. Those wonderfilled days of sleeping until mid day, or staying up all hours of the night, fueled by Late Night Denny's Grand Slam Breakfasts and bad Coffee. I thought we'd smoothed out our rough edges as I passed into adulthood. We'd moved beyond the days of fleeting cat naps interspersed throughout the long, unending nights, excepting those times a collegiate paper or project deadlines reared their ugly heads.
At this stage of my life it is unjust that I should be so intimately acquainted with 5am television programming, the number of ceiling tiles in my bedroom, the total number of fire alarm blinks per hour, or the sound of faucets dripping in the earsplitting quiet of night.
I promise to love you, to cherish every moment of you, to rub your tired achy feet, and to bring you flowers for no good reason if only you will come back to me. In exchange I ask you to stop waking me up during the following:
~Hip pain
~Back pain
~Round ligament Pain
~Finding a comfortable position pain
~Finding a new, new position because Baby is not comfortable (evidenced by swift kicks to the bladder region)
~Dog Bathroom Breaks
~False Bladder Alarms
~My own snoring reaching new decibels
~Stuffy noses
~Runny noses
~3am Baby Swift Kick and Tap Dance Practice
Please take a few moments to ponder my requests. I'm not above bribery.
Yours Forever,
Fickle Q Knitter

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