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I discovered at 4:38am this morning that I am giving birth to a herd of rambunctious elephants in lieu of a normal baby. It would explain the stretch marks.
In other news I've started knitting cute little wee things like bee baby booties.
I'm amazed and horrified that something that small enough to fit inside the bootie and at the same time that big is going to come out of my body. Fortunately I still have 2 months to devise a third way to give birth.
Thank you for 3 and a half years of service.
The Canon A60 has been replaced by the shiny, younger, fancier Canon A640. A retirement an excuse to eat cake dedication party will be held at 12pm Pacific time in which cake slices the size of my head will be served to those in attendance. Gestating elephants need cake afterall.
Farewell old friend.

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