Birthdays, Anniversaries, and the 'Ween

Posted on Nov 01, 2006. 0 comments

*Tree Update* Thanks to each person who left a coment or email about the mystery tree. The general consensus is, it is a Loquat tree. I'll be updating this winter when the fruit is ripe. */Tree Update*
I was going to dress up as a pissed off, near term pregnant lady plagued by itchy stretch marks, insomnia, indigestion, deadly flatulence, and extreme irritability.
And then I realized that wouldn't be much of a costume at all. So I made the Husband pass out the candy. He rewarded me by giving away ALL of the Chocolate I told him I wanted to keep. And little old poor me is stuck with second string chocolates and lots of Smarties.
But it's hard to stay angry with someone who bakes you a special cake on your 30th birthday. And who gave you the entire set of Battlestar Galactica DVDs. He is a good man even if the hormones make me want to pinch his little head off.
I hope he forgets about my bitchiness* soon.
Speaking of bitchiniess, my 2 year Blogiversary has just passed. It has been an incredible outlet for my rantings, compulsive creativity, and general obsequiousness (is that even a word?!). And for that I am thankful. I have photographic evidence of recently knit (and more shockingly, finished) items but refuse to post them because I am as big as a Macy Day Parade Float and refuse to blight the internets with such a picture. You'll have to use your imagination to picture all the cool stuff I've been knitting.
*Only (approximately) 40 shopping days of rampant pregnancy bitchwadiness left. I feel certain I would be acquitted by a jury of my peers.

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