Eight Days Left

Posted on Dec 03, 2006. 0 comments

Still no baby. I think she'd rather come out through my ribs than the more traditional places. My special little non-conformist. I can't concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time, and the only thing I can handle knitting is socks. But don't expect photos, that would require too much effort.
I'm nesting pretty seriously. I've reorganized closets, cleaned bathrooms, scrubbed floors, vacuumed carpets, washed every baby thing (including sterilizing toys!) in the house, put together mobiles, assorted kiddy gear and have been drinking that Red Raspberry Leaf Tea like it's a hot commodity.
My OB is surprised the prescription I took for the PUPPPs didn't rid my body of the evil pestules. I've declined any more meds for it until the baby comes.
I don't think she will ever come out. At this point labor is starting to sound good.

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