My Birth Story and Beyond

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I had prepared for a vaginal birth the whole pregnancy, but kept my family history in the back of my mind so I could be open to a C-Section if that is how my pregnancy ended. At my 39 week appointment my OB gently told us he thought it was a possibility based on my circumstances, and given his low primary C-Section rate we knew he wouldn't steer us wrong. So at the 40 week appointment we opted to schedule my C-Section for a day and a half later. If you've read my Naughty Gallbladder Experience, you'll know I am not a fan of surgery, particularly when you are awake while being cut open!
We went in 2 hours early for the surgery prep. When women tell you to get the catheter in after the spinal LISTEN. That son of a bitch hurt! I also got my girly parts shaved and had my IV put in and then I just sat there being anxious like I'm known to do.
When the Anesthesiologist was ready they wheeled me by myself into the OR. The Nurse gave me a bear hug while the spinal was being administered, and I had to take deep breaths. I was very vocal that I was scared and that helped a little. I've had surgery before so I wasn't freaked out when they strapped my arms down. The numbness was weird, all the way up to my chest. The Anesthesiologist told me if I could talk I was breathing so I just kept talking. And talking, and talking more. Mike was brought in and he sang to me to calm me down. About 5 minutes later the OB's had Maya out! She wailed SO LOUD I was shocked! I wasn't expecting that strong cry. She was pissed! She and Mike were whisked away to the Nursery where she was observed and tested for 3 hours. I could hear her cries as they walked down the hallway to the Nursery. Her apgars were 9 and 9!
This is where I panicked. Mike had gone with Maya and the Anesthesiologist did his job but no one was there comforting me. So I panicked. I kept asking my OB if I was ok and if the baby was ok. He was very reassuring but I had to keep deep breathing because I was terrified. They finished up and wheeled me into Recovery. The nurse was kind and kept trying to calm me down but I had such a hard time. I was worried I would have a bad reaction or wondering if Maya was ok. Finally the Anesthesiologist ordered some Demerol and some anxiety meds for the shaking and Benadryl for the itching. Right after the anxiety meds were administered Mike came in and I was finally calm.
After three long hours they put me in my room and brought in Maya. We had our first breastfeeding session and she latched on even after so long! The next three days were a blur. Mike, Maya and myself roomed in our austere private room. The Post Partum Nurses were a dream, taking care of me in such a caring and comforting way. I can't find the words to say how much I appreciated the care I received.
I spent most of my time trying to breastfeed and bonding with Maya. I was up and about, until I pulled my incision getting out of bed too eagerly. Two percosets later I vowed to take Motrin as much as possible.
Maya had a touch of jaundice, and had lost more than 10% of her birth weight in the hospital so we supplemented with formula for the last two days of our stay. The Jaundice came and went and her weight was better when we left, so I resumed exclusive breastfeeding when we arrived home.
The first night home unsupervised was trying to put it mildly. But we muddled through and gained confidence. We still have our What the Hell Are We Supposed to do Now moments but those occur less frequently. Sleep is appreciated in the small quantities we manage to eek out. But our joy outweighs (ask me again when I'm more tired) the difficulties.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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