Mommy Hell

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Where's my hand basket? I admit publicly that I love the sobbing baby pictures best of all. With that in mind, here is a series of One month photos of Little Miss Fickle herself.
The last one is my favorite, obviously.
I have two categories to write about, regarding the first month of Motherhood. Things that worked, and things that didn't.
First the things that didn't work out as I expected:
Cloth Diapering. I felt like the World's Worst Mom when I put on Maya's cloth diapers and promptly made her cord stump bleed.
Bouncy seat. We are not interested, enough said.
Sleep. All the warnings people dispense do not prepare you for it. And by "it" I mean very little sleep. Also the books state newborns sleep 18 hours daily. I want those extra 8 hours please, these book publishers can cut me a check at their convenience for the price of my unrealistic baby sleep expectations.
Pacifier, it does not pacify my child! Doesn't stop me from trying though. I’m nothing if not determined.
The bassinette during the day. See "Sleep" above.
Socks for baby feet. We can kick them off in 10 seconds flat.
What has worked:
The Ocean Wonders Aquarium Swing, whose magical, mysterious workings not only calm babies but sometimes lures them to sleep.
I don't know how it works but I suspect it has something to do with black magic.
Happiest Baby on the Block techniques. Skip the book and go directly to the DVD. I myself have not mastered these techniques, but the Husband has and he applies them regularly and liberally, just as they should be.
Breastfeeding. The most difficult thing I've ever done, but so worth it.
Leaving the house, Miss Fickle sleeps like a champ anywhere except at home.
Baby wearing, she likes the peanut shell sling. I suspect the work of the devil in this go-to-sleep technique as well.
The bassinette at night. The vibrating and white noise features are great.
Baby Wipe Warmer. Yes you read me right. Thou shalt not put cold wipes on Maya's butt. Do so and suffer the consequences.
The Vacuum Cleaner. See December 28th entry.
How just being close has a calming effect on Maya. I love the closeness! Ask me again at 2am.
I still Knit
And I have photographs to prove it.
When I've had my 2 tablespoons of coffee I am able to focus on Meg Swansen's Spanish Peacock Shawl. However I am growing increasingly alarmed that I may run out of yarn. I have about 12 more repeats to go, plus an edging stitch which has yet to be determined.
I have run out of lace before, from a different shawl in the "A Gathering of Lace" book. We'll see if my bad lace luck continues.
I know I said I wouldn't cast on for anything (I did say that didn't I?) new until my knitting basket was cleared out, but I need an easy to focus on project.
mystery yarn.JPG
I love the yarn, it was given to me by Jennifer at It is Rocket Science! but without a label. It feels and knits like Trekking XXL but I'm not certain. If you recognize it, drop me a line!
Now if you'll excuse me I must get back to business at hand. Let me know if I smell like spit-up.

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