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Seeing Maya smile for the first time was one of the most incredible moments of my life. It's a reward for all the weeks of sleepless nights, sore boobs, and the frustrations of caring for a newborn.
One smile and my bitter cold heart melted, possibly forever, but at least for a week.
However, every family has a huge pile of perpetually unfolded laundry dirty little secret...
I took this photograph especially for Stephanie. She suggested I dump the laundry on the Husband's side of the bed as to remind him to fold it. Fat lot of good that did. I'm happy to report the clean laundry is doing it's civic duty by filling the otherwise empty and desolate laundry basket. The "Dump and Run" tactic worked about as well as the kitty litter threats of yesteryear, for which we now have an automated cat box that goes unscooped.
But one of the joys of a newborn is the inability to complete tasks. You wake up with a concentrated list of things to do and by the end of the day you're lucky if you got to brush your teeth and left with broken dreams of hair brushing and household maintenance. As long as I get the smiles I don't mind. Too much. Also I'm fairly certain Maya doesn't mind the bad breath and snarled hair so long as she gets her milk.
Knit On and On and On and On
Those blessed few moments of rest add up. I have managed to finish up a few things in ye olde knitting basket.
This is the Ribbon Tied Dress by Debbie Bliss. I used the yarn required and followed the pattern fairly carefully and yet the bottom curls up and the collar curls down. Even so, Miss Maya will be wearing it when she's big enough.
I also finished my second EZ Baby Surprise Sweater. The ingenious construction still continues to amaze. Bravo EZ!
Not pictured is the Spanish Peacock Shawl. I'm tinkering with the bound off edging, I've put an hour in so far trying to figure out the right recipe for binding off. It would be easier to knit miles of edging and sew it to the live stitches but it's worth the extra effort to bind off as I knit. I think it'll make for a stronger piece overall. I hope the 50,000 stitches will be bound off before Maya goes to college.

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