Caught Yarn-Handed

Posted on Jan 30, 2007. 0 comments

An absolute: I will run out of yarn before I finish the bound off edging for the Peacock Shawl. Knowing this I ordered more copper Zephyr from, it ships today.
This is the second "A Gathering of Lace" project that I've knit, and also the second for which I did not have enough yarn. I've never had this problem before, although that Nordic Inspired Sweater I started so long ago is a good contender for running out of yarn. I'll push the thought that Cashsoft 4 Ply has been discontinued completely out of my feeble mind.
I've already broken my New Years Non-Resolution Resolution. When the Husband says the words "Yarn Shop," "More Yarn," "For You" dare I protest? What if I said NO? He would think twice before an (unprompted) offer to buy me yarn. Mama didn't raise no fool.
Plus the socks are a gift. And the lace yarn. Well I'm almost finished with a lace project so I felt new lace yarn was necessary. Mandatory, really. I'll be casting about for a lace project to match the yarn soon enough.
What post would be complete without a picture of Maya? Here she is on her Tiny Love play gym, holding a staring contest with a purple elephant.

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