The Magical Stitch Elves

Posted on Feb 16, 2007. 0 comments

No matter how many stitches I cast off, more appear.
I was waiting to blog this week hoping that I would finish the Spanish Peacock shawl so I could show finished pictures BUT I am thwarted at every turn. I discovered an algorithm to describe the additional stitches added by Magical Sadistic Elves. It goes something like this:
Number of Stitches left on Needle
Free Knitting Time (Measured in seconds, 'cause that's what I've got)
Hours of Sleep
Number of yards in totality of yarn stash * yards left on Zephyr skein
Probability of running out of yarn AGAIN
498 stitches left to be cast off. I think I may require a new vice just to cope with my current lace knitting vice. That's about 125 additional repeats of the lace edging, at about 5 minutes a repeat is much much more time than I ever expected this project to take. It's a good thing I'm on Maternity Leave!
Maya Says...
I'm 2 months old now, Live Long and Prosper.

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