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Battlestar ILoveItca
The Husband stated the following before last night's episode of Battlestar Galactica: "Starbuck is Totally a Cylon." I made him swear on a stack of knitting books that he hadn't read any spoilers, and it turns out he didn't. I'm holding on to the hope that the episode was a dream sequence ala Alien Cubed. But I wouldn't place bets on it. So to uplift the spirits of other BSG and EJO addicts, here's a gag reel from this season. Enjoy!
Gag Reel Link
Foot Related
La is having a contest. The first photo isn't of feet, but I figure a sock foots the bill. Ha.
I'm not going on a lot of sleep, obviously.
But these leetle feetsies cheer me up even when I'm delirious and ready to drop.
Pattern: Spanish Peacock Shawl
Book: A Gathering of Lace by Meg Swansen
Lace: Three 2 ounce balls of Jaggerspun Zephyr from
Difficultly: Hahahahahaha
The Spanish Peacock Lace has been the most accidentally ambitious knitting I've ever done. There are plenty of mistakes that I blissfully ignored. (Note having a newborn in the house helps with overlooking many things). The knitted lace shawl is patterned on every row, and each stitch repeat is of variable lengths, so stitch markers were out.
The previous photo is from left to right Worsted Weight, DK Weight, Sock Weight and Lace weight yarn for perspective.
The shawl itself is wider than my Full sized mattress, and is over 54" across.
I planned on counting the edging repeats to determine the actual number of stitches I cast off (which took over 1/3 of all the yarn used!). However, once I spread out the lace for blocking the mere thought of counting them all made me weak in the knees.
Sort of like the shawl does when I look at it.


  • Posted by Michelle on Aug 21, 2009

    I know perfectly well about the corrections and I love my version as is. A terrible thing? I think not. The shawl is highly treasured in my house as I finished it when my daughter was only four months old. I’ll look back on my time knitting it with great happiness.

  • Posted by Heather on Apr 06, 2007

    That shawl is amazing. I’m so envious that you managed to finish it with your newborn in the house. And baby toes are the best.

  • Posted by Christine on Apr 16, 2007

    That shawl is absolutely GORGEOUS! I have shawl envy.

  • Posted by Nino Esposito on Aug 21, 2009

    I hate telling you this but your entire Spanish Peacock Shawl is incorrect…check the original picture. I notified Meg about her mistakes in the pattern when the book first came out but to no avail…an errata has never been issued. There are various stitch advances required to keep the pattern straight which are missing in her pattern. She obviously did the advances when she knitted her sample but never revealed them to the public. A terrible thing to do to those who paid the high price of this issue.

  • Posted by Annie on Mar 09, 2007

    Your baby girl is adorable!! What a doll! Those feet are fantastic.
    And that shawl is jaw dropping. Seriously. Wow.

  • Posted by stephanie on Mar 10, 2007

    Starbuck is not a cylon. Remember, the (now) six cylon models don’t know what the final five look like, but they had Starbuck in captivity and would have been able to tell if she was a cylon. Also, she’s never shown the stamina that Sharon has. it’s some sort of mystical prophecything going on, not cylon thing. I’m sure of it.

  • Posted by NancyMc on Mar 08, 2007

    Came over from JenLa to see who I would be meeting on the 24th. I am looking forward to meeting you and Miss Maya. The shawl is exquisite, might I meet it too???

  • Posted by elaine on Mar 08, 2007

    WOW!I’m amazed and impressed – the shawl is absolutely stunning! And those are some cute little toes too!

  • Posted by Carrie K on Mar 06, 2007

    OMG, that’s gorgeous! The shawl too ;) Look at that darling little feetsie!
    Wow. Just wow on that shawl. That’s absolutely breathtaking. Perfect color too. Look at those stitch patterns!

  • Posted by cursingmama on Mar 06, 2007

    Holy Crap! Totally spectacular.
    Even an infant couldn’t lead me to think that I could do that.

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