Stupid Pudgy Post Partum Mints

Posted on Mar 08, 2007. 8 comments

The Girl Scouts got it wrong.
Care should be taken to ensure that the cookies are properly labeled. I have been shoveling Fat Mints in my mouth as fast as I can. I justify my behavior by stating the Pudgy Mints are a "meal replacement" system. More like 6 meals. And a few long strolls, plus all the laundry and some light vacuuming should about equal the Portly Mints Intake System I've been diligently abiding by.
I am making up for the abhorrent lack of self control in other areas. I am sticking to my vow to empty my knitting "in" box (or in this case, basket). I've finished the edging for the Baby Bolero just in time for Maya to outgrow it.
I figure it'll be too small sometime next Wednesday.
I'm nearly finished Pasha the Penguin, poor thing has sat empty and unloved for at least a period of one year in the penalty box knitting basket. Now I have no choice to finish it, because it is a gift for a Pittsburgh Penguins fan. And it'd be nice to gift it before the Penguins actually move out of the 'burgh.
Look out for another guest blog by the husband on Monday. Have a great weekend!


  • Posted by Carrie K on Mar 12, 2007

    Oh yum, girl scout cookies. Must go to grocery store. (Uh oh. They used to hang out in front of it, but didn’t that get banned?)
    Maya can wear it for almost a week? What a good baby! It’s so cute.

  • Posted by Kate on Mar 14, 2007

    You should try “Tagalong-on-your-ass” now those are some good cookies.

  • Posted by Elinor on Mar 10, 2007

    I hear you on the cookies. I know the Girl Scouts are a worthy cause but I just won’t buy any. I could make all of my meals out of Carmel Delights and Thin Mints (which, btw, are even better if you freeze them). I used to think “I love Thin Mints and GS cookies only come once a year so I’ll have to buy them now to get my fix. I can always freeze them.” I’ve since learned that Keebler makes the same cookie (I think it’s called Grasshopper) so I don’t feel as pressured. And you know what? I’ve never bought the Keebler cookies. It’s just knowing that I could

  • Posted by Jenn on Mar 11, 2007

    I don’t know if you have it in California, but there’s a brand of ice cream called Edy’s and they make Girl Scout cookie flavored ice cream. Hey, if you’re going to shovel sugar in your face, you might as well go all the way. :-)

  • Posted by Husband on Mar 09, 2007

    Err, uhh, umm, I hope you Clorox-spritzed the change table before setting the cookies on it.
    Cuz when removing the deuce from Maya’s bottom earlier this morning, uhh, I sorta didn’t.

  • Posted by Michelle on Mar 09, 2007

    Of course I cloroxed the hell out of it. Duh!

  • Posted by Kuky on Mar 09, 2007

    Alan ordered some girl scout cookies for me from someone he works with. And whenever I think of them I ask him: WHERE’S THE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES?!?! Thanks for reminding me. I need to ask him again.

  • Posted by Allisom on Mar 09, 2007

    I adore thin mints! They are especially good when you put them in the freezer. Chilled thin mints with a scoop of vanilla ice cream is my version of heaven!

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