Hair, Hats, Bugs, a Book, and lots of Randomness

Posted on Apr 02, 2007. 11 comments

Guess what I did?
I got my hair cut last Thursday. It couldn't wait any longer since my hair finally started to fall out postpartum (that's a whole 'nother post). I'm donating my tresses to Locks of Love for the second time. I would recommend donation for those who have 10 inches or more of extra hair. It truly is a fulfilling way to do something for someone in need. Besides, it's only hair. It will grow back.
Speaking of hair...Or lack thereof, we had a Daddy-Baby hat photo shoot. Please note Maya's Onsie.
This brilliant hat was kindly knitted by the one, the only Jennifer.
As if the cupcake (and the socks, and the yarn, and the candy, the list goes on) weren't generous enough Jennifer also sent along the Viking Hat. I think you can see my Viking ancestry in little Ms Maya, don't you?
This is where I tell you I had two most adorable photographs of Maya in the apple hat, one with Monica and one with La taken at the Socal Knitters Meet Up I'm hoping strike out text will elude the google perverts. There was delightful conversation, great food, gorgeous yarn, and knitting. My favorite was the talk of semen in the eye. It was a very informative day. Sadly EVEN THOUGH I remember transferring the pics to my computer I can't find them anywhere. I blame the whole bit on Maya's sleep regression. Sorry ladies! Monica generously knit the hat for Maya. I owe Monica about 10 different things for all her kindness. Don't worry, I have a plan. I have yarn. I have needles. All I need is a good old fashioned pattern and I'm set.
If you look closely, you'll note that there are caterpillars on Maya's sleeper. In the spirit of honesty, I admit that this is the closest I want my child to caterpillars or any sort of bug. Last week I saw yet another black widow spider on our property. The spider had taken up residence beside the washing machine. I insisted that we get the house and yard sprayed since these spiders sport a venomous neurotoxin. The Husband is so blasé about these spiders. He thinks I am a big wuss and that these particular spider bites are no big deal. But he relented because he did not care to see (or hear) hystericalredfacedscreamingwifey. More importantly I do not believe he was interested in doing the Laundry as I was refusing to set foot in the garage.
I'm a little sad about the bug spraying. I grew up on a hundred acre cattle farm. I would get up early in the morning with the dew and look (but not touch!) at the grandiose spider webs and even more magnificent spiders. At some point later in my life I developed a near phobia of spiders. This means there will be no pet Tarantulas or otherwise.
It has been written.
I have been so slow to publish lately. I'm just getting around to the lovely prize from Laurie.
I have loved and adored Mountain Colors yarn since I first found it in Santa Cruz. I knit Clapotis with it and have yearned for more since. Thanks Laurie for the lovely yarn and stitch markers! I've already put the markers to good use.
When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters
This little book that has many tidbits of useful advice. My favorite idea in the book is to purl the needle size into a gauge swatch. Clever isn't it? The second half of the book has lots of knitting disaster scenarios and how to fix them with out anyone getting hurt. This book isn't for the advanced knitter, but if you're starting out and need some help it's a good resource.
That's all I've got for today. I'll be posting again later in the week. I've been knitting feverishly on a fangirl project of mass proportions. You could say I've been all Tighed up.


  • Posted by Carrie K on Apr 06, 2007

    I wish my hair would grow 10 inches I could donate. [shakes fist at bad hair genes].
    Maya is such a cutie! In all hats. Daddy’s a Rock Star? Cool! Spider are evil, along with snakes. There are pictures in books if she must learn about them.
    Tigh’s a Cylon! I think the cliffhanger is a dream. Bobby’ll come out of the shower…

  • Posted by monica on Apr 06, 2007

    It’s probably better that you can’t find the picture of me and Maya. People only want to see adorable Maya anyway! And you DO NOT owe me anything whatsoever!!
    I’m sure we have black widows around these parts. I just pretend they don’t exist.
    I always want to grow my hair out that long but I get so tired of the length after a while. I’m selfish. :(

  • Posted by Michelle on Apr 03, 2007

    Lyssa I would respond, but I’m too busy rocking back and forth while in the fetal position. How much do you suppose 2 plastic bubbles would cost? They must be needle proof.

  • Posted by lyssa on Apr 03, 2007

    Really it’s not that bad…I just made up the biting moths part, and I think the cyanide millipedes only live in northern california ;)

  • Posted by Allisom on Apr 06, 2007

    Maya looks like crazed little elf! Adorable!

  • Posted by Annie on Apr 03, 2007

    Great post! I’m getting ready to donate my hair again, too- it’s very liberating! Looking forward to seeing pics of the new you!
    I’d spray for the spiders, too. Especially with a baby- those things are NASTY. I had a fit of guilt when I sprayed my poison ivy last summer. I’m very anti-chemicals, but sometimes there are exceptions, and venomous spiders are certainly one of them!
    Maya is adorable. SO cute!

  • Posted by lyssa on Apr 03, 2007

    Aww, the spiders aren’t so bad. You should really be scared of Scorpions! and biting moths! and bats! and millipedes that release cyanide gas when you touch them!

  • Posted by Lyssa on Apr 02, 2007

    must feel good to have all that hair off as the weather warms up! I get tempted once in a while, but my hair is too treated to donate and I always regret it when I cut it off :(
    Maya looks a little confused by the Viking hat. Perhaps some scandanavian death metal would help her get in the right mood.

  • Posted by La on Apr 02, 2007

    So when do we get to see the new ‘do? Can’t wait to see you looking all short and sassy!

  • Posted by Kim on Apr 03, 2007

    I’ve donated to Locks of Love 3 times now. Then I grow my hair for 5 years, and do it over again….

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