Happy Easter

Posted on Apr 08, 2007. 11 comments


Peep Sugar is amazingly resilient to cleaning products. Melted Peeps are even worse. I discovered three things yesterday.
1. Shouting and Chortling over a Mace Windu action figure in T*rget will net you strange looks from other parents.
2. Peeps, Little People Planes, and Mace Windu in your shopping cart will cause the Clerk to ask you who the Easter toys are for. It's too embarrassing to say they toys are ours, so we say the toys are for our 4 month old Daughter and her 9 month old cousin.
3. Microwave-melted peeps taste almost as good as campfire marshmallows.

Clearly, my little Lamb is not nearly as enthusiastic about Peep Dioramas.


  • Posted by Mindy on Apr 09, 2007

    That first picture is to adorable.
    Peeps, hmm I knew something was missing from Easter this year. Must buy peeps on sale.

  • Posted by Carrie K on Apr 14, 2007

    I love her in the bunny ears! I think she realized you were posting it on the net though, from the look of the last picture.

  • Posted by eileen on Apr 09, 2007

    Aww… so adorable!

  • Posted by lyssa on Apr 09, 2007

    MMMmmmmm…peep s’mores….

  • Posted by Chrissy on Apr 08, 2007

    So sweet! Happy Easter to your family!

  • Posted by Elinor on Apr 08, 2007

    Too cute. I love the last pic too. :-) A few years ago, a friend of mine dressed up for Halloween in all black with peeps glued to him. When asked about his costume, he professed to be a Chick Magnet. hehe. I think he bought peeps at Easter and saved them all year.

  • Posted by roberta on Apr 09, 2007

    Everybody loves a peep diorama! She’s just showing her range as a top model. She’s just working it! And working it well.

  • Posted by Sheree on Apr 08, 2007

    Cutie bunny! LOL at your comments about the Peeps. Just FYI, chocolate covered Peeps are to die for!

  • Posted by Saun on Apr 08, 2007

    Could she be any cuter!?!

  • Posted by Kuky on Apr 08, 2007

    Awww she’s too cute!!

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