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In an effort to stay sane in lieu of Maya's teething I've started exploring the area around my neighborhood. Previously I was intimidated by the traffic, the population density, and any area 5 minutes outside of my small town atmosphere inside the greater Southern Californian Metropolis (extending from San Diego to Los Angeles less a small area devoted to Camp Pendleton and a Wildlife Reserve).
Desperation will make you do things outside your comfort zone. And I'm glad I've been kicked in the proverbial rear.
I've also gone slideshow crazy. Hope you enjoy my montage(s).
Aquarium of the Pacific
If you live in the greater Los Angeles area I recommend the purchase of a Membership. It's less than the cost of admission to everyone's favorite Mouse hole. The air conditioning is divine, and the exhibits are full of color and will hold your interest.

Santa Ana Zoo was a good for a few hours of entertainment. I'll reserve passing judgment on Farm Animals mixed in with exotic creatures, since they are rare in the big city. (I'll try to shelter Maya from Bacon coming from Babe the Pig for as long as possible). The first Monkey enclosure is the best. Do not set your expectations for a San Diego Zoo like experience. There's a reason the price of admission is 5.5 times more. But still amusing for a few short hours nonetheless.
Santa Ana Zoo

You can easily whittle away the hours at The Bowers Museum . Bonus points for having a Student Discount on the Family Membership. The Ansel Adams exhibit was worth the cost of admission alone. The Mummies were an impressive sight. I get a thrill when looking at artifacts that are 4000 years old. It sorta puts things in perspective, no? It gives me hope that my knitting may last centuries. No photography is allowed in the museum, but is available for purchase. The Restaurant was a very pleasant surprise. French cuisine with a reasonable price tag. Air conditioning is fab. I'll be getting my money's worth out of this membership.
The Happiest Place on Earth offers an annual passport (with an option for prepaid parking) for Southern Californian residents. You can enter either park, and I opted for the 175 pre-selected days plus the parking. It will be worth my time in 2 park trips, and 5 visits to justify the parking. Although I've been told I'm the Antithesis of a hardcore Mouselover, I really do enjoy the experience. But I loathe spending $3 for a bottle of water. Plenty to do with an infant once you stop blanching over the food and drink prices. I spent most of the visit in Tomorrowland. I beat my previous score on Astro Blasters, coming in at "L-3" with a baby in my arms. Honey I Shrunk the Kids was cute, and reminiscent of the Muppets in California Adventure. Jungle Cruise was a nice respite in the 90 degree heat. The Steve Martin 50 year anniversary show was nice, particularly with the air conditioning on high. I learned that Steve Martin grew up in Garden Grove (so did Tiger Woods!), and he worked in the Magic Shop. Good times. Go to the First Aid area for some lovely hand towels soaked in ice. Maya was very curious about her surroundings. She got fussed over a lot, and got kissed by Donald Duck. I'll be returning as soon as my blisters heal.
Mayas feelings on the land of the Mouse. Mama says anything that makes my child sleep gets a thumbs up.
I have been knitting. I hope my Simpsons inspired Star Wipe isn't too offensive to the iddly-diddly oodly-doodly eyes.

I've finished the Opal socks, started a pair of Monkey socks (altered to my size 1, 6.5 st/in tastes, and a slip stitch heel), and gotten going on the edging for Stonington shawl. I'm not sure how I'll round the first corner yet, but I'll throw something together when I get there.
I discovered an unexpected gem in Craig Ferguson's Between the Bridge and the River. I discovered I really like him during Maya's late night feedings, my naughty little minxes. The book is a bit vulgar, but being vulgar and profane myself it reads quite favorably. I'll be reading Hugh Lauries tome next.
Speaking of books, I was just whelmed by Acres of Books. I was intrigued by the Ray Bradbury mention. The shop has existed since sometime in the 1930's. There are almost literally an acre of books. The aisles are small to accommodate the stacks and stacks of used books. Unfortunately there were two Knitting books among the thousands. To add insult to injury, I already own one of the books. Still, it's a way to kill some time when in downtown Long Beach. And it's a place to check out before it's demolished with the rest of the block on Long Beach Blvd.


  • Posted by Heidi on May 11, 2007

    did I mention how jealous I am that you have a disneyland within driving distance??

  • Posted by Stephanie on May 16, 2007

    Wow, I love those slideshows. How do you do that? Very cool. Maya is getting so big! What a beauty. You know, I live nearby and have never been to the aquarium or the Bowers. I’ll have to check those out. I’m not sure about the zoo, though…
    Hey, I’ve tagged you over at my blog. :)

  • Posted by Joanm on May 10, 2007

    Maya looks as beautiful as ever. Isn’t it fun being a mum and studying as well? I remember getting up at 1am to study, and hearing small footsteps on the stairs ….
    Love the slide show

  • Posted by Annie on May 11, 2007

    Fantastic Slide Shows!! I’ve never been, but now I really want to go to that aquarium!! The socks look fantastic!

  • Posted by Allisom on May 09, 2007

    I’ve only been to the Aquarium once but I thought the bird exhibit was so cool. I had so many birds eating out of my hand.
    I also have a AP to Disneyland and usually go at least once a month. My boyfriend and I are sick like that!
    Stay cool!

  • Posted by Heidi on May 09, 2007

    the slide shows are so neat, you are so hi tech :D

  • Posted by Chrissy on May 10, 2007

    Thanks for the suggestions on places to visit. Maya is growing so quickly! You socks look lovely, btw.

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