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The Husband and I became intrigued by the F00tballers Wive$ commercials on BBC America touting the appearance of Joan Collins. With piqued curiosity, The Husband and I indulged in a gratuitous, lengthy marathon of a season (The one with Frank and Tanya, and you know...), and added some seasons to Netflix. I came up with the following in a moment of reflection on the show:
Tanya, Jase, and Ambah
Holy Shrimp I'm your biggest fangirl
I wait with baited English Breaths
On who is Schtupping or doing Meths
F00tballers Wive$ please continue on awings
'Cause The Husband and I can't wait for Ms Joan Collins

In other news I've rounded the final corner of the edging for the Stonington Shawl. I'll spare you a picture as it looks just like the previous edging photo. Somehow, somewhere, my Internal Yarn Estimator has gone terribly terribly awry. I ran out of Helen's Lace halfway through the edging. The good news is I'll have plenty more of the lovely stuff when I can stomach the colorway again. (If you're curious about altering the edging to go around the corner-I did a total of 4 short rows. I started with the last 2 stitches before the corner and did one short row each, and then repeated for the first two stitches of the next side).
I have an admission to make. I have 2 sweaters in my knitting basket to finish. There are problems with both of them. Firstly I shoved the pattern for the Five College Sweater (free from Webs) into a baby magazine. The pattern will never return from whence it came. It is gone forever into the ether. I can fudge the front and the back without the charts based on what I read but since I've never made a Gansey before I have no idea how to do the sleeves.
Simply put, I'll have to bear the burden of another Webs order (a heavy load to carry, to be sure) when I'm ready to cast on for the sleeves. The second sweater is a simple, nordic inspired, EZ percentage sweater in Cashsoft 4 ply which has been discontinued. And I'm likely to run out of yarn before it's all said and done. I'm hoping short sleeved Nordic sweaters come into fashion before then. Fortunately the Husband got me my very own copy of Knitting Around and the fantastic Elizabeth Zimmermann Knitting Workshop DVD to keep me busy for a while.

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