Holy Sit!

Posted on Jun 05, 2007. 4 comments

We were mildly concerned that the sitting would lead to unsightly things like baby mobility driven "cleaning house" (we might as well burn it down) and "baby proofing" (how to keep all baby appendages and toes intact 101) but figured that must be months off right?
Well. Miss Ficklebaby herself pulled up from a recline to a sit two nights ago.
At least some things go as planned. Here's a picture I took yesterday of a blocking Stonington Shawl. I threaded extra yarn through the edges along the center square, and the larger square right beneath the edging. I pulled the yarn taught and pinned for the straightest lines this slap dash knitter can hope to ever achieve. It went directly against my lax nature.
I'll take some more photographs just as soon as I figure out where to photograph the shawl. It's nearly bedspread proportions and I just don't have empty floorspace large enough to do it justice.
I finished one of two Monkey socks
It's a lovely pattern, and quite fast on the needles. I typically don't knit others' sock patterns because of my gauge. To wit: I knit worsted on US 5s to get gauge and DK on US 3s to get gauge. What that means for me is I must use US 1s to get the same gauge as people who use a 2 or 3 in sock weight yarn. Further, I'd have to go down to 0 or 00 to get 8 st/in and I'm just not willing to knit with needles and fishing line.
To get around my gauge problems I adjusted the pattern. I took out a repeat, knitting the whole sock over 48 stitches instead of 62. I also switched up the ribbing to regular 2x2, and did a slip stitch heel.
Since I know the basic construction of socks fairly well, I generally use the guidelines the pattern maker has put into place and have to do the maths or wing it to get a finished sock. I centered one of the repeats along the heel, which made the refiguring pretty fiddly and I had to redo a chart to reflect what I had going on down the center of the sock. Overall I'm very pleased with it even though it was more work than when I grab a standard stitch pattern and knit to my specifications.
If you are interested in the high tech sock blocker in the photograph, you can find it here.


  • Posted by La on Jun 06, 2007

    Looks like she’s flashing us. a girl after my own heart!

  • Posted by Kate on Jun 05, 2007

    That is the greatest animation ever. She is such a cutie!
    Oh, and the shawl is pretty too.

  • Posted by monica on Jun 05, 2007

    Wow! Lots of events happening on your blog! Sorry I missed your anniversary. Hope it was a good one.
    Yay for Maya sitting up!! She’s so cute.
    And I totally flaked on the email you sent me about the zoo??? I thought I responded then I remembered I didn’t (in the middle of the night) then I couldn’t find it. I’m sorry.

  • Posted by Allison on Jun 05, 2007

    She is just getting cuter and cuter! And that’s a beautiful Monkey.

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